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by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

San Mateo County Area Market Report

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

Here is your latest Area Report, analyzing data as it affects a specific market area. The Market Summary below offers a look at sales activity for the prior month and year, along with current and past year-to-date statistics. The graphs cover several different aspects of the real estate market. Not how some of the graphs break out trends by price increments.  Please contact us if you would like more information your current market.


by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

KILL THE clutter

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

There’s a reason REALTORS® always advise home sellers to remove all clutter when selling their homes: The difference is remarkable. The clutter-free home often looks like a new one entirely, and homeowners even wonder how their home could look that good.

You don’t have to wait to sell your home to make it look better. Plus, clutter can physically and mentally stress us out. By breaking your decluttering down into five-minute sessions, you can slowly conquer your clutter.

Leo Babauta of Zen Habits offers some ways to start:

  • Designate a spot for incoming papers, and don’t put them anywhere but that spot until you can sort and file them.
  • Clear one area and designate it your “no-clutter” zone. There is one rule for that area: Nothing can be placed there that’s not actually in use. Everything must be put way. Once you have that, expand to more areas.
  • Pick up five things and find places for them. These should be things you actually use, but which don’t have a good spot to live.
  • Pull everything out of a drawer, evaluate it and sort it into three piles: stuff that really goes in the drawer, stuff that belongs elsewhere and stuff to ditch.
  • Create a “maybe” box. When you’re organizing, you often know exactly which items you want to keep and which you can trash or donate. But sometimes there are items you can’t trash, and yet you’re not sure what to do with them. Put them in the “maybe” box and pull it out every six months to re-evaluate.
  • Keep it going: After you’ve decluttered, don’t get tempted to buy new things. Instead, create a 30-day list and put any non-essential items you want to buy on it along with the date. If an item has sat on the list for 30 days and you still want to buy it, you can.

The Rain Team is here to help you with all of your real estate needs. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Going to school on home values: What's the connection?

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team


San Mateo County Real Estate Report

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

Below is the most recent San Mateo County Market Report summarizing recent real estate activity. Please keep in mind that the values represented are based on current, detailed information from the regional Multiple Listing Service. If you need clarification on any of the figures or if you wish to take additional steps toward property ownership, please let us know. We are happy to help you feel free to contact us at 650-888-6903.

Status MLS ID Address City Bed Bath(F/P)* List Price DOM
Active ML81669892 615 Mill ST HALF MOON BAY   -/- $4,999,888 14
Active ML81670468 248 Main ST HALF MOON BAY   -/- $3,500,000 9
Active ML81653869 800 Harmony WAY PACIFICA   -/- $2,499,000 57
Active ML81668164 2171 Saint Andrews RD HALF MOON BAY 4 3/1 $2,398,000 27
Active ML81669200 475 Magellan AVE HALF MOON BAY 5 4/1 $2,275,000 17
Active ML81652141 2191 Bayhill CT HALF MOON BAY 4 3/1 $2,048,888 70
Active ML81654807 200 Harmony WAY PACIFICA   -/- $2,039,000 51
Active ML81670127 313 Princeton AVE EL GRANADA   -/- $2,000,000 12
Active ML81669740 481 Miramar DR HALF MOON BAY 3 4/1 $1,899,000 14
Active ML81669165 320 Saint Andrews LN HALF MOON BAY 3 3/- $1,550,000 17
Active ML81669206 693 Terrace AVE HALF MOON BAY 3 2/1 $1,495,000 17
Active ML81669973 226 7th ST MONTARA 1 1/- $1,450,000 13
Active ML81640456 654 Isabella AVE EL GRANADA 4 2/1 $1,425,000 125
Active ML81669911 428 5th ST MONTARA 5 3/- $1,400,000 13
Active ML81652485 132 Mckinney AVE PACIFICA 3 3/0 $1,395,000 61
Active ML81598879 2205 Higgins Canyon RD HALF MOON BAY 4 3/- $1,375,000 354
Active ML81668794 415 Antoinette LN HALF MOON BAY 5 2/- $1,295,000 21
Active ML81670206 33 Le Havre PL HALF MOON BAY 5 3/- $1,275,000 10
Active ML81668919 220 Myrtle ST HALF MOON BAY 3 2/- $1,259,000 20
Active ML81654286 1200 Sunshine Valley RD MONTARA 4 2/1 $1,249,000 55
Active ML81670991 1639 Toledo CT PACIFICA 3 2/- $1,185,000 6
Active ML81649197 2200 Cabrillo Hwy S. HALF MOON BAY 3 2/- $1,150,000 88
Active ML81669103 415 The Alameda EL GRANADA 3 2/- $1,150,000 19
Active ML81647792 550 El Granada EL GRANADA 3 3/- $1,090,000 98
Active ML81668852 857 Big Bend DR PACIFICA 4 3/- $1,060,000 20
Active ML81671153 944 Lincoln PL PACIFICA 4 2/1 $1,050,000 3
Active ML81670848 95 Kathleen CT PACIFICA 5 3/- $999,999 6
Active ML81497495 1 Summit RD MONTARA   -/- $999,999 729
Active ML81670554 1468 Crespi DR PACIFICA 3 2/- $998,000 8
Active ML81670004 1132 Banyan WAY PACIFICA 3 2/- $975,000 13
Active ML81670032 322 Pacific AVE PACIFICA 4 1/1 $925,950 13
Active ML81670188 1154 Grand Teton DR PACIFICA 3 2/- $899,995 2
Active ML81670106 762 Prairie Creek DR PACIFICA 4 2/- $895,000 12
Active ML81670564 544 Dolphin DR PACIFICA 3 2/- $850,000 8
Active ML81670589 652 Poplar ST HALF MOON BAY 2 1/- $825,000 8
Active ML81669619 347 Manor DR PACIFICA 3 2/0 $799,000 15
Active ML81670666 263 Pacific AVE PACIFICA 3 1/- $799,000 6
Active ML81670728 140 Berendos AVE PACIFICA 1 1/- $780,000 7
Active ML81667195 211 Naomi AVE PACIFICA 2 2/- $780,000 35
Active ML81671163 723 Edgemar AVE PACIFICA 3 1/- $749,000 3
Active ML81671202 140 Amesport LNDG HALF MOON BAY 2 2/- $659,000 3
Active ML81669316 4100 N Cabrillo HWY #308 HALF MOON BAY   1/- $650,000 17
Active ML81671168 400 Laurel AVE HALF MOON BAY 2 2/- $595,000 3
Active ML81668879 475 Pine AVE HALF MOON BAY 2 2/- $589,000 20
Active ML81645435 O FERDINAND AVE EL GRANADA   -/- $415,000 113
Active ML81631366 1241 Birch ST MONTARA   -/- $399,999 260
Active ML81668182 0 Edison MONTARA   -/- $375,000 27
Active ML81671001 0 Dolores HALF MOON BAY   -/- $255,000 6
Active ML81641091 000 LAND ONLY PACIFICA   -/- $189,000 145
Active ML81643312 LS of 1501 Terra Nova PACIFICA   -/- $160,000 128
Active ML81669055 622 6th AVE PACIFICA 2 2/- $89,000 19
Active ML81670760 0 Off 0 Everglades PACIFICA   -/- $50,000 7
Active ML81671127 445 Esplanade AVE PACIFICA 1 1/- $2,175 4
Contingent ML81612278 1 Picardo Ranch PACIFICA   -/- $4,500,000 331
Contingent ML81631629 331 Kelly AVE HALF MOON BAY 3 2/- $2,300,000 258
Contingent ML81650159 2291 Winged Foot RD HALF MOON BAY 4 3/- $1,700,000 83
Contingent ML81652476 261 Bayhill RD HALF MOON BAY 4 3/- $1,678,950 69
Contingent ML81669203 412 Valdez AVE HALF MOON BAY 4 3/1 $1,675,000 17
Contingent ML81670440 231 Dolores ST EL GRANADA 3 2/1 $1,299,000 9
Contingent ML81668824 1545 Adobe DR PACIFICA 3 2/- $875,000 21
Contingent ML81667639 329B Kelly AVE HALF MOON BAY 2 1/- $849,000 31
Contingent ML81653049 510 Cypress AVE MOSS BEACH 2 1/0 $799,999 56
Contingent ML81667633 Parcel-3 Kelly AVE HALF MOON BAY   -/- $799,000 31
Contingent ML81669881 516 Manor DR PACIFICA 3 1/- $798,888 14
Contingent ML81667630 Parcel 2 Kelly HALF MOON BAY   -/- $749,000 31
Contingent ML81667626 Parcel 1 Kelly AVE HALF MOON BAY   -/- $749,000 31
Contingent ML81668614 208 Palmetto AVE PACIFICA 2 2/- $699,950 22
Contingent ML81645019 000 West Point AVE EL GRANADA   -/- $689,500 116
Contingent ML81646086 0 Sunshine VLY MOSS BEACH   -/- $425,000 108
Contingent ML81629102 00 Palmetto AVE PACIFICA   -/- $400,000 281
Contingent ML81655381 108 Creekside DR HALF MOON BAY 3 2/- $399,000 48
Contingent ML81644356 648 Isabella AVE EL GRANADA   -/- $275,000 120
Contingent ML81614100 7 Sand Dunes CT HALF MOON BAY 2 1/- $214,900 318
Average       3 2/1 $1,151,946 66
High       5 4/1 $4,999,888 729
Low       1 1/1 $2,175 2


5 Mistakes to Avoid when Selling Your Home

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

By Michelle Huffman

The home-selling process is a complex one, and can be full of opportunities for you to come out on top—or for buyers to score the upper-hand. While you can’t predict everything that could botch a sale, there are a few common mistakes you need to avoid.

Mistake #1: Overlooking repairs

Making repairs before selling is a must, or you are guaranteed to lose money. “Things that are safety issues or big-ticket items are always a focus,” says Amy Broghamer, a Certified Residential Specialist and owner of the Amy B. Sells Team with Keller Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio. These include electrical issues, water damage, rotten or chipped flooring, or a leaky roof. Broghamer recommends getting a pre-inspection to uncover necessary repairs that might spook buyers and cause them to lower their offer or back out of the deal.

Mistake #2: Overpricing your home

Buyers are going to compare a sale price to other homes in the area, so your home should be priced competitively. CRS REALTORS®can provide a comparative market analysis to help establish a competitive price. Experienced agents also have their own system for helping you price your home.

Mistake #3: Over-sharing with buyers

Another costly mistake is having too much communication with potential buyers, says Nancy Braam, CRS, with RE/MAX Whatcom County Inc. in Bellingham, Washington. If you are emotionally invested in your home, you may end up giving away too much information. Braam advises that you either make yourself scarce during showings or think carefully about what you disclose to buyers.

“Think of it this way: anything you disclose about your motivation is asking the buyer to offer less,” Braam advises. “Staying out of the way is the best way to preserve what negotiation advantage you have.”

Instead, have an experienced CRS agent there to represent your interests and negotiate for you.

Mistake #4: Poor staging

Both a cluttered home and an empty home will be unappealing to buyers, so proper staging and curb appeal are important. “Finishing off minor handyman items, like replacing rotten trim and adding a fresh coat of paint, go a long way toward a quick sale at the highest price possible,” says Danni Springfield, CRS, ABR, Lead Agent with The Springfield Group of Keller Williams Legacy in San Antonio, Texas.

A majority of buyers are shopping for homes online these days, so Springfield’s team brings in professional staging and photography services.

Mistake #5: The wrong attitude

This includes both patience and setting expectations too high. Not every prospective buyer will submit a bid—some are just window-shopping or are interested in a nearby home. Remembering that browsers are part of the home-selling process will help keep disappointment at bay.

It’s also important to remember that once you do receive an offer, you should take it seriously. “When we list the house, we should never think of it as a ‘first’ offer, but as potentially the only offer. That way we treat each offer with the respect it deserves,” says Kim Laforet, CRS, associate broker with Coldwell Banker Hubbell BriarWood in Lansing, Michigan.

Want to avoid these mistakes? Talk to a CRS agent when selling your house. Due to their advanced training, education and verified experience level, a CRS is truly the best real estate agent around.

The Rain Team is proud to be CRS agents are here to help you with all your real estate needs. Contact us today.

5 Ways to Get Back into the Groove of Fall

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

The start of school (or work), cooler temperatures, shorter days, and regular routines signify the end of summer and, for many, the mundane can creep in.

However, the last few weeks before fall can give you a chance to hit the reset button and get organized. Take a look below to find five ways you can get back into the groove of fall and help give summer a proper send-off.

If buying or selling a home is in your fall plans, please don’t hesitate to call us for all of your real estate needs.

Coastside Area Report

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team
Here is the latest Area Report, analyzing data as it affects a specific market area. The Market Summary below offers a look at sales activity for the prior month and year, along with current and past year-to-date statistics. The graphs cover several different aspects of the real estate market. Note how some of the graphs break out trends by price increments. Please contact us if you would like more information on your current market.


See the full report here.

Outdoor Living Trends Buyers Love

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team


Owners and buyers look to increase value, livability with improved outdoor spaces.

When spotlighting trends in home projects for the coming year, the National Association of Home Builders’ Best of American Living awards pointed to intimate outdoor gathering spaces.

With outdoor fireplaces or fire pits and comfortable seating, small gathering spaces are poised to overtake larger backyards as the most sought-after way to spend time outside while staying at home.

But the best way to incorporate outdoor living into everyday life depends on the homeowner, says Brad Allen, CRS, ABR, a managing partner with The Art of Real Estate in South Carolina.

Young families, for example, might still want those wide-open spaces for running and other activities, whereas millennials lean toward outdoor fireplaces with sitting areas for lounging.

Making the Outdoors Marketable

Because outdoor spaces have to be tailored to the needs of the buyer, it’s important to find out what your client wants before showing the client something that’s trendy, rather than useful, says Sharon Breslau, CRS, an associate broker with Westwood Metes & Bounds Realty, Ltd. in upstate New York. In her area, situated snugly in the Catskill Mountains two hours north of New York City, outdoor areas tend to focus on the view and streams for second-home buyers. But that doesn’t mean every buyer wants the same view.

“It’s a series of questions I ask up front when I have a buyer,” Breslau says.

Many buyers are going for the trendy intimate spaces, Allen says, particularly if they come with any kind of added entertainment area.

That can mean a deck with a great dining setup, or it could mean a pool, depending on the buyer, says Mary Lane Sloan, CRS, a partner/broker who works with Allen.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The outdoor space itself isn’t the only way to experience the outdoors—how the inside interacts with the outside matters, too, Breslau says.

“Windows and doors are the eyes looking out of the house, so what do you see when you look out? Do you see a bush, or do you cut that bush down and suddenly you can see the yard and a nice hill or meadow?” Breslau says. “When you do an initial listing appointment, you want to talk about how the inside and the outside correspond, because the seller really wants people to like both.”

In general, outdoor spaces have to go way beyond curb appeal, allowing multiple spaces around the outside that interact with the inside.

Breslau encourages buyers to look for open space directly around the house—being able to walk all the way around a house without running into an obstacle is ideal—because this allows more light inside.

Investing Outdoors

A 2016 National Association of REALTORS® report on the impact of remodeling outdoors showed the importance the outdoors is playing in the way buyers see the indoors. According to the report, outdoor remodeling projects add value to a home on resale, while also making homeowners who plan to stay in their homes happier.

Allen tells homeowners to make major changes outdoors only if they’re going to love those changes and find the revamped outdoor space useful, since a dollar-for-dollar recovery upon selling isn’t likely.

“However, a nice outdoor living space will most likely make the home more appealing to buyers, which could cause a buyer to purchase the home when compared to a house without an outdoor living space,” Sloan adds.

Year-round Outdoor Living

In warm climates, outdoor spaces can be used all year without issue. Allen currently is working with a new-construction buyer who plans to install a 14-foot-wide accordion-style sliding door that will open her basement recreation room straight onto her patio and pool.

And outdoor kitchens or fireplaces on porches are useful in all warmer-weather climates as long as they’re covered to protect from rain, Sloan says.

In places like New York, though, warmth isn’t a guarantee for most of the year, so homeowners have to think outside the box to get more use out of their outdoor spaces, Breslau says. Three-season screened-in porches allow people in colder-weather areas to enjoy the outdoors for at least a little longer in the spring and fall, but to make those spaces year-round, all they need is some insulation and a gas heater to bump up usage in the winter season.

“People love them, especially if they’re right off the kitchen,” Breslau says. “Again, it’s that connection from the indoors to the outdoors. People love having the ability to step outside and feel like they’re still at home—they feel that they’re getting more use out of their house.” 

You can view the original article here.

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