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Half Moon Bay Dream Machines is ‘Coolest Show on Earth’

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

Every year people come from all over Northern California … and beyond … to be a part of Half Moon Bay’s annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show. This year, the much adored 24th annual show will return for a single day mega-show extravaganza! April 27, 2014 from 10 am to 4 pm at Half Moon Bay Airport.

This unique show will feature over 2,000 driving, flying and working machines from the last 2 centuries. There will be live music, kid-friendly activities and fabulous food and drink with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company’s special Motor Head Ale.

This year's headline attractions include an impressive array of military aircraft, one-of-a-kind vintage police cars, "Dynojet" dynamometer engine performance testing, hydroplanes, a multitude of Ford Mustangs in celebration of their 50th anniversary, exhilarating flyovers by historic military aircraft and many more attractions showcasing our living history. Our local color guard will kick off the festivities.

You can get a full schedule and event calendar including directions and other details at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show website. Admission is $20 for adults, $10 for ages 11-17 and 65+, and $5 for kids age 10 and under. Tickets are available at the gate only.

The show benefits a great cause for the Coastside Adult Day Health Center. Come on out for one great weekend of fun at the Half Moon Bay Airport, at 9850 N. Cabrillo Highway, located on Highway 1, about 20 miles south of San Francisco and 5 miles north of Highway 92. Get directions.

Want to start the weekend off with a great dinner? Pilots Association Saturday Night Tri-Tip Dinner (April 26), featuring a special tribute to Half Moon Bay's Eddie Andreini, recently named to the International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame and one of the top stunt pilots in the world. The dinner is at the Andreini family hangar at the airport. Tickets are $30 per person, available at the door. Parking is on the airport field. Enter off Capistrano Road.

One thing we love about our coastal communities is that there’s always something new to explore. If you are looking to buy a new home or sell your existing home, we’d love to hear how we can help you with your real estate goals. Contact us today via email or give us a call at (650) 888-6903.

The Rain Team offers unparalleled service to ALL clients in the San Mateo County, including areas such as Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara, and Pacifica. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority.

Photo courtesy of Pacific Coast Dream Machines

Is It Your Time to Become a Coastal Home Owner?

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

There’s no magical number out there nor is there any formula for knowing if and when it’s time to buy that coastal home. You can ask any economist and they’ll tell you that in addition to your finances and the state of the market, there are way too many emotional factors to have one answer for the masses. You can, however, make sure that buying a home is an actual possibility for you at this time. Once you know you are financially ready, then you must ask yourself if you are emotionally ready. Is it what you really want?

As of September 2013, buying was 35% cheaper than renting in all 10 of the major metropolitan areas. No one, no matter how well-positioned they might be, has to buy a home. However, there are some very appealing arguments to homeownership. One emotion is the feeling of having “roots” or a sense of stability and pride. Plus, there’s the freedom to be creative and make improvements to your own home while increasing its financial value. Needing not to worry about incremental rent increases that might force a move can be a definite perk as well.

If you are still unsure with the age old battle of renting or buying, consider the following:

Do you have four to five years to invest?
If you know with some certainty that you can and want to stay in this area for at least four to five years, buying may make sense. Being so close to San Francisco and other Bay Area metro areas, gives our coastside communities a rather good appeal since it’s an easy commute.  

Do you know what you can comfortably afford?
Knowing what you can afford before you begin the house hunt is a key element in your decision. A basic rule of thumb is not to spend more than 20-25 percent of your pretax income on a house. That includes monthly mortgage, insurance payments and property tax. Keep in mind that you will want to make some adjustments to your new home and you don’t want to go into a house already stressed about expenses.

How knowledgeable are you about the home buying process?
Without the expertise of a Realtor® who knows the area, it’s easy to make mistakes in the home buying process. The Rain Team can guide you through the process in a clear and concise manner to help you understand and make your home buying decisions easier. Knowledge is power and we make sure you have both!

Can you balance your emotions with logic?
No matter how hard you try to keep emotions out of it, buying a home is an emotional process. Nor should you try to toss your feelings aside and make it only a rational-based process. Use those natural emotions to guide you to your core values, find that home that meets all your needs and appeals to your senses and when it’s time for the critical decisions or compromise, bring in your pure logic to help determine what is best for you in the long run.

First and foremost, take the time to consider your options, your pros and cons, and listen to your inner voice. If your core priorities and values are leading you to homeownership, be honest with yourself and others and make the resolve to do it.

If you have decided it’s your time to buy a coastside home, our goal is to guide you through the process from the beginning to the purchase of your new home and beyond. Contact us today via email or give us a call at (650) 888-6903.

Generational Trends Show Strong in 2014 for Coastside Home Sellers

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

When selling your coastal home, you may not think about the age of your buyer, but generational trends are shifting and it’s important to understand the trends. Such as, did you know that younger home buyers tend to view their home as an investment whereas older buyers tend to view their home as a match to their lifestyle?

According to a 2014 National Association of Realtors® study, millenials top out as the largest group of home buyers with 31% of recent home purchases. Millenials are those under the age of 34. Generation X buyers, born between 1965 and 1979, took the next largest market share at 30% while Boomers only accounted for 16%.

“Given that millennials are the largest generation in history after the baby boomers, it means there is a potential for strong underlying demand,” says Lawrence Yun, NAR’s chief economist. “Moreover, their aspiration and the long-term investment aspect to owning a home remain solid among young people.”

Another trend in current buyers are those known as boomerang buyers. These are the group of home owners that had to leave the housing market for financial reasons and have spent years rebuilding and saving and are now ready to enter the housing market once again. When members were polled, almost 80% of boomerang buyers were interested in buying again. In fact, 41% will be re-entering the housing market with better earnings this time around than during their previous purchase and 63% have a lower debt-to-ratio and, finally, 50% expect to make a down payment of at least 10%!

Coming out of the gate for 2014 is a higher seller confidence. Inventories of homes for sale have increased year over year, enforcing this confidence and supporting a strong, early start to the spring home-buying season. According to®’s latest National Housing Trend Report, the median list price edged up 76% higher in February compared to year-ago levels.

According to Steve Berkowitz, CEO of Move Inc., “Overall, these figures indicate a continued reinforcement of steady gains and market stabilization that we’ve been watching since late last summer.” Steve continues, “seller confidence is the factor to watch as we head into the spring home-buying season, and these are very encouraging indicators—not only are more homes coming onto the market, but typically we don’t see a rise in asking prices this early into the year. This is the market these sellers have been waiting for.”

If you are looking to sell your coastal home, we’d love to hear how we can help you with your real estate goals. We can also offer you a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your home to advise you what it is worth. Contact us today via email or give us a call at (650) 888-6903.

The Rain Team offers unparalleled service to ALL clients in the San Mateo County, including areas such as Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara, and Pacifica. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority.

Coastal Home Buyers – Don’t Miss this Mortgage News

by Kathy and Michael Rain - The Rain Team

The change in leadership at the Federal Reserve, despite a good deal of news coverage, came about with surprisingly little drama to show for it. Janet Yellen took over the reins from Ben Bernanke back in January, and the Coastal real estate market hardly seemed to notice. Mortgage interest rates remained steady – until last week, that is.

As of the end of last week, most US home loan interest rates increased reaching a national average of 4.4% for 30-year fixed loans for the first time since January. At this time last year, that same loan enjoyed a national average of 3.57%. These increases are likely due at least in part to Janet Yellen’s announcement that the Fed may start increasing short-term interest rates as early as 2015.

The average rate for 15-year loans also climbed slightly to 3.42%, up from 3.32% a week earlier, and 2.76% a year ago. However, rates for hybrid adjustable-rate mortgages were mixed. The five-year ARM rose to 3.10% up from 3.02% a week earlier, while the one-year ARM fell to 2.44% from the previous week’s average of 2.49%.

At the end of 2013, the Fed announced that it would begin scaling back its bond-buying stimulus program that had helped offset real estate prices and kept affordability high while the real estate market stabilized. Since hitting record lows last year, mortgage interest rates have risen almost a full percentage point. Despite those averages, however, the most popular loans have remained under 4.5%.

What does this mean going forward?’s Mortgage Rate Trend Index experts had mixed opinions – 30% predicted rate increases, 30% predicted rate decreases, and 40% thought rates would hold steady. What they have in common is the opinion that rates will not become volatile no matter which way they turn. A recent Realty Times article quoted Jim Sahnger, a mortgage planner with Schaffer Mortgage in Palm Beach, saying, “We don’t expect a strong surprise either way – in either jobs created or unemployment levels – and any rate volatility should ultimately settle down.”

MSN Real Estate had a great article this week about four unique mortgage trends, as reported by Michele Lerner of, which will play out in 2014 and influence the direction of mortgage rates. It’s an interesting read to read in-depth on the 4 trends for 2014 which are:

  • Conforming loan rates are rising
  • ARMs are low and making a comeback
  • Fixed-rate jumbos priced lower than conforming loans
  • The Fed's influence over mortgage rates will wane

If you are aiming to buy a coastside home this summer, bear in mind that analysts are predicting for mortgage rates to increase throughout 2014. Why not take advantage of the best rates possible by looking for your new perfect coastal home now? Contact us today via email or give us a call at (650) 888-6903.

The Rain Team offers unparalleled service to ALL clients in the San Mateo County, including areas such as Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara, and Pacifica. Your complete satisfaction with our service and representation is our number one priority.

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